About Us

Procre8 is a independent public relations agency, based in Dubai which specializes in offering creative and personalized end-to-end PR services to clients from the IT industry.

Our Mission Statement

Here at Procre8, we are dedicated to providing top-class public relations services that produce tangible results and markedly impact our clients’ brand image. A close rapport with our clients as well as the media is fundamental to our approach and we work with a great deal of enthusiasm and confidence.

Procre8′s Personal Touch

Unlike the large PR organizations, Procre8 maintains a relatively small client portfolio consisting of major global IT leaders which allows it to deliver tangible value to its clients. The company’s founder, Colin Saldanha, who has over 12 years of experience in the publishing industry, personally oversees the management of services for each account.

The Differentiating Factor

1Public relations is a media relations driven industry which is why Procre8 has long focused on the establishment and maintenance of close-knit relations with key media personnel. The communications professionals at Procre8 not only generate market awareness for their clients but also project them as industry thought leaders through various creative and innovative ideas and initiatives.

Although IT related public relations is its core specialty, the company has also delivered top-rate PR projects across a wide and diverse range of industries including fashion, shipping, retail, finance and hospitality.

Procre8 brings the same personalized attention to each client irrespective of which industry they belong to. The diversity and adaptivity of public relations is what drives the professionals at Procre8. And it is what pushes them to achieve the perfection which their clients have come to expect from their services.

So Why Jump on the PR Bandwagon?

Public relations offers many benefits which cannot be attained through other forms of promotion. If you want an inexpensive marketing campaign which targets a broad audience, specifically interested in your industry, then public relations is the way to go. Public relations involves the distribution of information presented in the form of news articles, and published or broadcast  by mass media such as newspapers, magazines, television and radio.

Because these articles are not directly paid for, as is the case with advertizing, they are not perceived in the same light by the public. The fact that the media is not being compensated for the published article but rather  has printed it for its newsworthiness makes it more truthful and credible. This credibility is the reason why the impact of public relations is two and a half times that of advertizing.

2Another strong point of public relations is that it is highly cost effective, and can be leveraged even by smaller organizations which minimal marketing budgets. While a single newspaper advertizement might cost hundreds of thousands of dirhams, an entire public relations campaign can be organized for a fraction of that amount.

Furthermore, given the nature of the information passed on by Procre8 and its extensive contacts within the publishing business, a single article released by the agency is likely to be reproduced in a vast number of publications giving your organization unmatched visibility.

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